Consultation Services for Teenaged and Young Women

Consultation Services for Teenaged and Young Women

The first visit to the gynecologist is overwhelming for many girls and young women

Girlfriends may have shared something about their first visit to the gynecologist, but still many unanswered questions and fears remain so that the first appointment is usually seen with discomfort.

So that you can see that you are not alone with your questions, fears, and problems, we have put this page together for you and hope to answer the most important questions.

When should I visit a gynecologist for the first time?

Age does not matter. If you feel the need to ask questions about your body, your sexuality, contraceptive methods, or whatever else might be concerning you, you can go to a gynecologist. Most definitely you should visit a gynecologist:

• By problems during your menstrual period (e.g., too strong, too weak, particularly irregular
or particularly painful)
• In case of vaginal itching or foul-smelling discharge
• For prescription of contraceptive birth control or the „morning-after“ pill
• In case of abdominal or chest pain

Please arrange a Young Women’s Consultation in advance to avoid long waits. In very urgent cases you can of course come to our practice without an appointment.

What happens the first time at the gynecologist?

The first time you come to the gynecologist usually only a conversation takes place, and you can have a look at the practice. We’ll show you the examination room with the examination chair, and you’ll find that everything is not as intimidating as you may have thought. Of course, a girlfriend, your boyfriend or your mother may accompany you to the consultation. If for some reason an examination is necessary during your visit, there is no reason to be afraid. The examination doesn‘t take long and serves to make sure that everything is in order. It is also possible to examine you if you have not had sexual intercourse. Everything will be explained to you very exactly.

What can I ask?

You can ask us anything on your mind. All questions are important. It is best if you write down all your questions, doubts and fears before your visit, so that you don‘t forget anything. The first time at the gynecologist you are usually very nervous. What will the gynecologist want to know about me? In order to get to know you, some questions are asked about your medical history:

• What illnesses including childhood illnesses have you had? Have you ever been operated?
• Do you take medication on a regular basis?
• Did your parents have serious illnesses?
• Do you have a vaccination card?
• When did you have your first menstruation?
• When was the last menstruation?
• Do you have your period on a regular or irregular basis? Do you keep a menstruation calendar?
• Do you currently have complaints and if so, which ones?

Will my parents be informed about my visit to the practice?

Until you are 14 years of age, the doctor must provide your parents with information on request. Until the age of 16, it is up to the doctor’s discretion whether in certain situations your parents will be asked to come into practice. If your parents should not be informed about your visit to the gynecologist, please tell us. You can then leave your consultation more composed. From the age of 16, you are entitled to absolute confidentiality.

Does the „morning-after“ pill actually exist?

Yes, there is a so-called „morning-after“ pill. If you and your friend are afraid that contraception was not sufficient, you should go to a gynecologist’s office or on weekends to the gynecological unit of a hospital within 48 hours (the sooner, the better). After a short examination, the gynecologist will give you a prescription and explain how to take the „morning-after“ pill. And don’t worry – that can occasionally happen to anyone!