Philosophy of the Gynecology & Obstetrics Private Practice Munich


»I understand my profession as Gynecologist first and foremost as being the general practitioner for women.«

To practice good medicine, it is, above all, important to see the person, in my case the woman, as a whole, the body in all its complexity with all organ systems as well as the psyche. Only in this way can I, as a medical practitioner, thoroughly grasp a problem, and it’s causes, instead of simply treating symptoms.

Therefore I see my main responsibility first of all in providing the right atmosphere in which it is possible to form the trust, to calmly discuss and treat eventual problems.

Oliver Barske München Frauenarzt

It is of great importance to me to accompany my patients over generations.

For the (very) youngest women, I offer consultation services for teenaged and young women, in which the main focus is contraception, but also HPV-vaccination and protection from sexually transmitted (venereal) diseases.

For the next generation, conception, fertility, and childbearing are mostly in the forefront / paramount. Should pregnancy not occur as quickly as desired, we have in our practice wide-ranging and extensive possibilities of diagnostic and therapy, if necessary also in cooperation with a specialized fertility clinic. During the pregnancy, I of course further administer the customary medical care and offer all the usual modern preventive care services including first-trimester screening, 3D, 4D sonography. Midwife/birthing services are not offered momentarily, but we provide advice and support by your choice of a clinic.

The older we become, the more a balanced hormone household plays a role. I, therefore, place a lot of emphasis on accompanying you and ensuring you are happy and fit throughout menopause and supporting you by any problems or difficulties that aging may bring with it.

Also, cancer prevention and early detection are gaining more importance from year to year.

Should surgery or hospitalization be necessary, I provide /our services include continued personal stationary treatment and pre- and postoperative care as attending physician through my hospital affiliations.

All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures conducted in our private practice are based on the newest scientific research and methods.