Services of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Private Practice Munich

Our focus is on the patient

In our private practice located between Marienplatz and Odeonsplatz, directly opposite the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, our focus is on the patient. Your needs and wishes are (for us) what’s most important for the treatment of disorders or care during pregnancy. With your decision to become a patient in our gynecological practice, you put your most important possession in our hands: your health. With many years of experience as a private practitioner for Gynecology and Obstetrics in Munich, I draw not only upon my extensive founded medical expertise but also from my broad experience with the care of pregnancy, endometriosis or hormonal fluctuations. Through our cooperation with several fertility centres in Munich, I can support and advise you by your childbearing wishes.

It is not only important to recover your health when you’re ill, but also to maintain your health and prevent becoming ill. We gladly remind you of your regular checkups in our practice, which should be scheduled once or twice a year. (annual or bi-annual) All necessary preventive checkups and examinations will be performed to exclude the usual most common disorders or, at worst, to ensure through early detection that any illnesses receive optimal treatment.

Schwangerschaftsbetreuung München

Preventive Examinations and Checkups

It is important to maintain good health and prevent illness. Here you can find more information about the preventive examinations and checkup services offered by our practice.

» More about preventive examinations and checkups

Our consultation services for teenaged and young women

In our consultations for teenaged and young women, our priority is making the first gynecological visit as easy and as agreeable as possible.

» More about our consultation services for teenaged and young women


Endometriosis is a painful disorder, which is why we work closely with the Endometriosis Center in Munich to offer you the best treatment possible.

» More about Endometriosis

Conception, Fertility, and Childbearing Support Services Munich

At our Gynecology and Obstetrics Private Practice by the Opera in Munich we have been treating women with unfulfilled childbearing wishes for many years.

» More about Childbearing Support

Pregnancy Care

Our services include intensive pregnancy care with the most modern possibilities of ultrasound diagnostics and first-trimester screening.

Psychosomatic and Psychologie

Are you feeling unwell and out of sorts but don’t know exactly why? We will help you (to) identify the problem and also offer you psychological support if needed.

Contraception / Birth Control Services

Nowadays there are many possibilites as well as the pill and condoms to practice contraception. We will gladly help you find the right contraception for you!

Hormone Laboratory

With our in-house hormone laboratory, we can check and evaluate your hormone household.

Minimally invasive (Endoscopic) (Keyhole) Surgery

Should a small intervention be necessary, we have ambulant outpatient and permanent facilities to conduct minimally invasive surgery.

Osteoporosis Diagnostic

When Osteoporosis ist detected early, the discomfort and consequences can be minimized.
We are glad to advise you about the possibilities!


Aging is part of life; there are however ways to slow the external processes and effects. We’d be happy to inform you about the possibilities!